Dear Customers:

Some changes are coming to the shopping cart, which will take effect on July 1, 2018. These changes apply to legacy chips, shipping methods, packing fees, and international shipping rates.

Legacy Chips

Since March, we have offered our legacy chips at a discount when our new chips became available for purchase. Starting July 1st, we will be phasing out the legacy chips, and they will no longer be available online.

Shipping Methods

Many years ago, the GSC adopted the practice of using USPS Flat Rate Shipping because it provides a cost-effective way of shipping and tracking orders—it is also insured. Though it has worked well in the past, we understand that this can be a financial burden to someone who only wants to order a few chips or that one medallion for themselves, a sponsee/sponsor, friend, or family member. That said, we will be rolling out a more cost-effective way to ship these smaller orders.

Packing Fees and International Shipping Rates

A few years ago, orders were taking 2-4 weeks to ship out after payment, prompting us to find a solution. One of our very own stepped up to the plate and took on this commitment to fulfill orders. It is a paid commitment; however, the fee charged is nominal in comparison to the amount of work that is done. She does the fellowship a great deal of service, and we are grateful for her continued commitment to provide fast shipping and excellent customer service. The cost of packing the orders has increased from $1 to $2 per order. Starting July 1st, you will notice the increase to $2 on each order.

Previously, as a service to the international fellowship, the GSC adopted the practice of subsidizing international orders. For some time, CMA has been losing some money on shipping but the benefit—growing the fellowship—outweighed the expense. At our 2017 General Service Conference, this practice was reviewed with our international delegates in attendance. Based on the feedback, the international fellowship has grown and wishes to be self-supporting in these matters. Going forward, the actual cost of shipping incurred will be subsequently charged on international orders, which will mean an increase in many cases. We are also standardizing the packing fees; international orders will incur the same $2 packing fee as domestic orders—this is actually a reduction from the current international fee structure.

We are a team of volunteers who do our best to ensure orders and questions are handled as quickly as possible, while trying to keep costs low. We hope these changes do not cause an inconvenience.

Thank you for letting us be of service and thank you for your continued support of our fellowship.

 Yours In Service,

CMA Finance/Fulfillment Advisory Committee